Players, Alumni Looking For Jobs

Staples soccer players are nothing if not resourceful. Several have already asked if can spread the word: They need work.

Current players are looking for summer jobs — outdoors or inside; sports-related, retail, restaurants, service, whatever. They’re hard workers, and will not let employers down!

Current college students are searching for summer work as well. Some will be in Westport; others are scattered around the country. They too are eager to give a solid day’s work for a day’s pay.

And of course the college class of ’09 is about to graduate. Their job market-entering timing may not be perfect, but as former Staples players they’ve got a lot to offer.

If you’re an employer — or know someone who is hiring — please email  Westport, Fairfield County, anywhere else — it doesn’t matter. Let us know your needs. We’ll do our best to match opportunities with the right players.

Consider it Staples soccer’s own stimulus package.

2 responses to “Players, Alumni Looking For Jobs

  1. Dan,

    As you know I am the Managing Partner for The New York Life Insurance Company in Stratford. We have about 100 Agents currently in our office, but we are rapidly expanding our sales team.

    If you know anyone that might be interested in financial sales, our goal is to hire at least 36 new agents this year.

    In addition to our office website, our company website is



  2. they can do yard work at my house anytime

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