2 Wrecker Teams Reach 3-v-3 Semifinals

A pair of Staples squads reached the semifinals of yesterday’s 3-v-3 tournament at Green’s Farms Academy — and both lost on the tie-breaker (long-field “penalty kicks”).  The event raised approximately $1,500 for Darfur. It was organized extremely well by Andy Mondino, a GFA and Westport Soccer Association U-18 player, in conjunction with  Westport-based Save the Children.

Four varsity sophomores — Frankie Bergonzi, Sean Gallagher, Jake Krosse and Brendan Lesch — formed one of the semifinal squads (with 1 sub).  The other included sophomore Mikey Scott, Jim Wolf ’01, and Jim’s former Beachside teammate Joey Rus.

Two Staples threesomes also competed: seniors Jairo Alvarado, Jonathan Golembeski and Frankie Rende, and freshmen Aaron Liu, Jake Malowitz and Taylor McNair.  The frosh gave the varsity sophomores a hard-fought game.

Senior Adam Liu and former WSA player Kasper Klein-Ipsen volunteered their services as officials.  All who participated agreed:  It was a great, fun affair, for an excellent cause.

3-v-3 tournament organizer Andy Mondino

3-v-3 tournament organizer Andy Mondino

5 responses to “2 Wrecker Teams Reach 3-v-3 Semifinals

  1. Great Job!!! Keep it up!
    In spite of the Boca shirt…

  2. Tres Bien!

    You are et nice et caring personne!

  3. any pictures from the event?

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