Brian Carpenter ’06 Wins Intramural Championship

The former defender’s squad captured Villanova University’s indoor soccer title — but the real story involves the semifinal match the night before.

Brian’s route to the finals included a semifinal win over a team with two former Staples Wreckers:  Dave Sharpe ’07 and Liam Bohonnon ’08. That match ended in a 2-2 draw. Carp’s side emerged victorious, 4-3, on penalty kicks.

Fortunately, Dave and Liam have memories of a pair of penalty-kick wins at Staples, in the 2006 state “LL” quarterfinals and semis. Those memories should sustain them whenever they see Carp — and his trophy — on campus.

4 responses to “Brian Carpenter ’06 Wins Intramural Championship

  1. Well done boys. Perhaps a college intramural champion showdown will take place this summer. My team’s looking to take the crown over here tonight.

  2. just so brian doesn’t get too excited about this…we beat carpy in last years indoor final (liam missed out on that one though) and also won this years outdoor…so rest assured my and liams first and only intramural loss in two years will be avenged next year…watch your back carpy

    and good luck miguel

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