Wakeman Speed Camp Opens Soon

Wakeman Speed Camp’s first session is fast approaching.

Under the direction of Staples assistant coach Kurt Dasbach — nationally recognized for his work in speed and flexibility training — hundreds of Staples soccer players (including incoming freshmen and alumni) have recorded tremendous gains, using a variety of measures.

Wakeman Speed Camp will be held Mondays and Thursdays (5:15 to 6:30 p.m.), from July 6 through August 13.  Players can sign up by week, or the entire summer (the best rate) — even individual dates.  Registration and other information is available at www.wakemanspeed.com.

Wakeman speed camp

2 responses to “Wakeman Speed Camp Opens Soon

  1. Richard Smoels

    What an excellent way to train for the upcoming year! The boys who take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity will surely have a ‘leg’ up at the competition. I can’t wait to look on at a few of these sessions.

    Truly Inspired,

  2. Awesome! I wish we had that b/w ’91 & ’94. Maybe we would have won 3 state titles! 😉

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