WSA U-16s Split

June 13-14: The Westport Soccer Association U-16s used balanced scoring by Will Meinke, Mario Lisanti, Franny Delgado and Spencer Burns to beat Bridgeport 4-2 on Sunday.  The victory followed a well-played 2-1 loss to the Majic premier team.  Meinke got the lone goal, while David Levi performed solidly in goal.

The WSA U-18s fell 4-2 to Monroe.

June 7: The Westport Soccer Association U-16 squad won a back-and-forth game, downing Fairfield 3-2 at Wakeman B.  Francisco Delgado, Kent Hamlin and Max Hoberman scored, while Spencer Burns added 2 assists.

The U-18s drew 1-1 with Norwalk, also at home.  Kevin Clark netted the lone goal.

May 31: The Westport Soccer Association U-16s played very strongly in a 6-1 victory over Ridgefield.  Alessandro Mioli, Kyle Hoberman and Max Hoberman led the scoring parade.

The U-18s fell 3-1 to Stamford.  Kenta Shirafuji’s rocket accounted for the lone tally.

Three days earlier, the U-18s were eliminated from state cup competition, 5-2 to an excellent Hamden squad.  Shirafuji nailed a penalty kick; Santiago Cuartas also scored, assisted by George Birch.

May 16-17: Jairo Alvarado’s 2 late goals propelled the Westport Soccer Association U-18 squad to a thrilling 2-1 victory over Southington.  The 2nd-round state cup match was played Saturday at Wakeman B.

The game was back-and-forth from the start.  Sanders McNair’s goalkeeping and sweeper Nick Cion’s goal-line clear kept the scoreline clear, until finally Andy Mondino fed Alvarado.  The Staples senior took a great touch to beat the keeper, and Westport was minutes from victory.

But the visitors drew even on a close-in.  Tensions were high, when — with just 2 minutes to play — Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik worked the ball to Alvarado.  He waited patiently, then laced the winning shot into the left corner.

Jairo Alvarado celebrates after his 1st goal against Southington.

Jairo Alvarado celebrates after his 1st goal against Southington.

George Birch and a Southington player mix it up.

George Birch and a Southington player mix it up.

Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik gets air against Southington. (Photos by Carl McNair)

Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik gets air against Southington. (Photos by Carl McNair)

The next day, the U-18s stopped Stamford 5-2.  Goals came from Santiago Cuartas (2), Alvarado, Justin Hawrysh and Kevin Clark.

The U-16s edged New Canaan 3-2, with Brian Hershey filling in as goalkeeper.  Mario Lisanti (2) and Spencer Burns scored.

May 10: Jairo Alvarado, Justin Hawrysh and Andy Mondino all struck for the Westport Soccer Association U-18 team, in a 3-1 state cup win at New Milford on Saturday.  The next round of state cup is set for Saturday, at Wakeman B (time to be determined).

On Sunday the U-18s continued their winning ways, 3-0 over Greenwich.  Kevin Clark led the way with 2 goals, with an assist from Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik. Justin Hawrysh got the 3rd, assisted by Alvarado.  Sanders McNair earned the shutout in goal.

The U-16s got on the winning track with a 3-2 victory over Greenwich. Clay Garner netted 2 goals; Kyle Hoberman, 1.

Kyle Hoberman, playing last fall with the freshman team.

Kyle Hoberman, playing last fall with the freshman team.

May 2-3: Jairo Alvarado’s 2 goals — 1 a penalty kick — paced the Westport Soccer Association U-18 side to a 4-0 whitewashing of Ridgefield, in Sunday’s rain at Wakeman B.  Justin Hawrysh and Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik also scored.

The U-16s fell 3-0.

April 25-26The Westport Soccer Association U-16 squad edged Stamford 2-1, after drawing level on a crazy goal. The Stamford keeper’s throw to a teammate hit the referee and bounced off; Will Meinke opportunistically pounced, and scored. Mario Lisanti got the game-winner.

The day before, the U-16s lost their opening round state cup match to Wethersfield.

The WSA U-18 squad fell 3-0 to Norwalk.

April 18-19: The Westport Soccer Association U-18 team opened the spring season with a 4-1 victory at Wilton.  Jairo Alvarado, Charlie Greenwald, Santi Cuartas and Kevin Clark (penalty kick) all scored for the victors.

Jairo Alvarado in action last fall for Staples

Jairo Alvarado in action last fall for Staples

The U-16 team, meanwhile,  fell to a strong Norwalk side.

5 responses to “WSA U-16s Split

  1. Henrick Jamison

    To U-18 players,

    I attended the recent Ridgefield match in the blistering cold rain, but it was worth my time. It was a very fast paced game and it was exciting for the entire 90 minutes. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you guys play again at home.


    “When you go to school the next day, and your friends ask what happened, you’ll respond, ‘soccer happened, life happened.'”

  2. Henrick Jamison

    U-18 Boys,

    Excellent match boys! You all started off with a good pace with the wind on your side. Exceptional job moving the ball around and getting all the players to touch the ball. All goals were magnificent and it was a thriller to the end. Keep it up!


    “All of a sudden, justlikethat, the sun shown brightly and the wind picked up. The players were ready to play!”

  3. Richard Smoels

    I had the pleasure to be graced by the wonderful performances of these gallant lads in both matches. Mr. Jamison and I stood side by side, watching in awe, as the boys, many of which we also followed in the fall season, demonstrated a use a heart, skill, and sportsmanship that any true soccer fan can admire. I look forward to many spectacular performances in the future and I wish you boys much luck. You have won my heart, and soon will win the hearts of many others.

    Truly Inspired,


  4. Henrick Jamison

    U-18 Boys,

    Terrific State Cup game this Saturday. I was very impressed with the overall team effort against the hard fighting Southington team. I would specifically like to congratulate #7 Jairo for his individual strong effort to put two excellent goals on net. Kudos to all on the State Cup victory. I was not able to attend the whole game on Sunday against Stamford. But from the first half, I was awed by the adept ball skills from #14, I believe Mr. Bae who played the defensive flank position. I am very eager to find out what the score was to that game.

    Have a good Memorial Day weekend rest and good luck in your next cup game!


    “What do you put in your car? Sand? No, you put gasoline. Quality car fuel. So, don’t go putting in pizzas and burgers inside your bodies! Your body is like an engine.”

  5. Richard Smoels

    I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Jamison. Although the boys pulled out a great win against Southington with the help of Jairo, the Saturday game against Stamford was of a higher caliber. The boys stepped it up against and quality opponent and like Mr. Jamison already mentioned, Su Bae was the rock of the defense. I can not wait to watch the next cup game and ride on this team’s coattails on the way to what should be a spectacular finish. The road to the finals may be the most difficult soccer journey these boys ever embark upon, but the glory will be everlasting.

    Truly Inspired,

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