Kerry Long Shares Preston Hirten Photos

Kerry Long — Staples boys soccer’s talented photographer — combed through her files to find her favorite Preston Hirten ’07 photos.  She shares these with his many fans and admirers.

Preston Hirten Preston Hirten

Preston Hirten

One response to “Kerry Long Shares Preston Hirten Photos

  1. Kerry
    My wife Peggy and I have been friends with Prestons uncle, Sam for many many years. I am so sad to hear about Preston. We lost our son four years ago in a car accident. We have been all over Boston and the Cape with Sam and Rhoda before Sam became ill. Rhoda made us aware of the terrible tradgy, and I would like to extend our condolences to Preston’s mom, but do not know how to contact her. By the way, Preston looked to be quite a soccer player, even though Sam was a devote Boston Red Sox fan, I am sure he would have been very proud of Preston. Thank you
    Tom & Peggy Krenzer
    Rush N.Y.

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