’09 Varsity, JV, Freshman Rosters Announced; Harry Birch, Dylan Hoy Elected Frosh Captains

The 2009 Staples Wreckers are set.

Quad-captain Drew McNair helps lead the Wreckers in 2009.

Quad-captain Drew McNair helps lead the Wreckers in 2009.

The varsity squad is well balanced, with 11 seniors, 10 juniors and 3 sophomores.  Freshman James Hickok will serve as the varsity backup goalkeeper until Connor Walsh’s broken wrist heals, and will join the varsity for post-season play.

The junior varsity includes 9 juniors and 12 sophomores.  The freshman side numbers 20, with 1 player still to try out after an injury.  Congratulations to all — including newly elected frosh captains Harry Birch and Dylan Hoy.

To view all the rosters, go to the home page of www.StaplesSoccer.com, and click the “This Season” tab at the top.

There are 3 brothers of older players new to the Staples program:  Birch, Jon Denowitz and Joe Greenwald.  In addition, freshman James Manning is the 2nd Staples player with that name.  The other James Manning scored the winning goal in the 1973 state championship on a diving header, in sudden death overtime.  To view a complete list of brothers who have played Staples soccer — along with other fun facts — go to the home page of www.StaplesSoccer.com, and click the “Stuff” tab at the top; then scroll way, way, way down.

4 responses to “’09 Varsity, JV, Freshman Rosters Announced; Harry Birch, Dylan Hoy Elected Frosh Captains

  1. As an avid Staples soccer supporter, I was extremely anxious and excited to see the new roster for this upcoming season. Unfortunately, after reading the names of the varsity roster, I became very upset and gloomy.

    All I can say is…Get better Connor Walsh!!!

    Staples soccer will need your help!


  2. Tristan Leventan

    Maggie, as a fellow supporter I too was disappointed to see that some of my favorite freshmen players from last season were not placed on the Varsity squad this season.

    However, I know those players will flourish and abound under the wisdom and guidance of the young but able Ross McGibney.

    Those on every Staples Soccer squad are not where they want to be come November, but I know they will all strive towards one goal: to win the very last game they play.

    When push comes to shove, this year’s freshmen must bang with the big boys if they want a chance to play at the varsity level. I wish the utmost luck to James Hickok; he gets an opportunity very few 15 year olds experience and he must reach out with an open fist and capture it.

    I look forward to many a battles this year. Especially when the autumn leaves, giving a view from the terrace that is like none other.


  3. Tristan,

    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement as well! It seems like we have a common stance in this situation. We will see what this decision will consequent to in the late autumn games.

    “See those leaves on the trees over there? We want to be playing when those leaves are on the ground, not when they’re still up in those trees!”


  4. Maggie,

    Your passion, compromise, and futility for Staples Soccer will lead you to a better life. I plan on attending all events related to the team, even the celebration of the 51st year of Staples Soccer.

    This season I am most excited to see how Mike McCarthy can adapt to the pressures of Varsity soccer. Mike has limited experience, but with his lanky frame, adept foot skills and agile lateral movement, Mike has the chance to become a figure for the ages. Mike, if you’re reading this, you should know that whether you win or lose, you must be fierce. Fierce in your will, both on and off the field.

    With gratitude, Tristan

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