Staples Soccer Creates YouTube Page – Update

In less than a week on the job, junior Sam Bender — Staples’ new videographer — has made a major impact.

Along with filming matches using the Wreckers’ hi-def camera, Sam will create game highlight films, and individual player tapes for college coaches.

Now he’s added YouTube.  First came the Brendan Lesch bicycle kick; now he’s created a spectacular trailer video for the season (click here to enjoy).

Sam also created a YouTube page, where he’ll post highlight videos throughout the season.  Bookmark — or subscribe (you need a YouTube account — free, and easy to get).  Subscribers can view videos as soon as they’re uploaded.

“I hope we give Sam plenty of highlights to post,” said head coach Dan Woog.  “And if he captures some bloopers — well, let’s hope there are fewer of those.”


3 responses to “Staples Soccer Creates YouTube Page – Update

  1. After taking a look at the new youtube site, I’ve got one word: WOW!

    Sam Bender brings a new dimension to Staples Soccer.

    If I may, a couple suggestions for Sam:

    Take video of the bench/coaches especially after goals or missed shots- they’re spirit can often be inspiring.

    Post game interviews- a must

    Shots of the crowd- there’s none better in the Nutmeg State

    Good luck Sam, for your job is more important than many of the players on the team. I hear you’re quite the talent at soccer as well. I look forward to seeing many more megabytes of film on the site.


  2. Good suggestions Rick. I couldn’t agree more. One more that I may add is a full fledged highlight reel of each game? All the goals, plus a few key saves or tackles? Living in Canada makes it hard to come by for games so I live for the times when StaplesSoccer is updated and I get to read one of Dan’s color commentaries on each match.


  3. Sam is doing a great job — in addition to all his commitments and responsibilities as a high school junior! Not sure if he can do a “full-fledged” highlight reel for each game — but if it can be done, he’ll do it.

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