Liam Bohonnon ’08 Earns Varsity Tennis Spot At Villanova

VillanovaAfter a grueling 2-week process, Liam Bohonnon ’08 won a walk-on tournament — and with it a spot on Villanova University’s varsity tennis team.

“This summer I applied many of the lessons I learned from my time with Staples soccer to accomplish my goal,” Liam said.  “I worked as hard as I could all summer, and it is very rewarding to finally be an officially rostered athlete.  I thank everyone involved with making Staples soccer so special, because the lessons I learned truly helped me turn a corner.”

Though Liam is now playing ‘Nova tennis, he adds:  “I am still 100% devoted to this year’s Staples soccer squad.  I can’t wait for the games to start — and for my October break, so I can see some games.”

Thanks and congratulations, Liam — we’ll see you on The Hill!

5 responses to “Liam Bohonnon ’08 Earns Varsity Tennis Spot At Villanova

  1. Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!! Liam your the man!!!!!!!

  2. Liam is an inspiration to us all. Who knew that the kid who no one sat with at lunch could so such great things! Rock on Mr. Bohonnononono!!!!!!

  3. im so proud of you i always knew you could do!!!!!!!!xoxoxo

  4. Kiddo! I knew you could do it! Guess all those chicken tenders I slaved over really payed off!!!

  5. I’m usually your boss, but now YOUR THE BOSS!!!!!

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