Staples vs. Greenwich

For the 2nd straight match, the Wreckers faced a foe with only 1 loss — away.

This time the hosts were 8-1-2 Greenwich.  Looking to avenge last fall’s 3-1 loss in the FCIAC final, the Cardinals came out blazing.  With a harsh sun directly in his eyes, keeper Michael McCarthy had the most active half of his varsity career.  He made 6 saves — many of the extremely difficult variety — and helped his team absorb strong Greenwich pressure.

Though the Cards had the run of the play, Staples led at halftime.  In the 24th minute Matteo Marzoli launched a seeing-eye 50-yard free kick.  Brendan Lesch maneuvered himself perfectly in the box, then back-headed the ball into the net.

Alan Reiter entered the match in the 2nd half, and the complexion of the game quickly changed.  (Not playing into the sun also helped.)  In the 42nd minute Lesch had an excellent opportunity; 2 minutes later Jake Krosse’s cross created a goal that was negated by an offside call.

The Westporters kept pounding, and in the 54th minute their pressure was rewarded.  Marzoli found Mike White; the forward deked and juked in the corner, then slotted a ball across for a 2-0 lead.

Greenwich’s best chance of the 2nd half was spectacularly — quasi-miraculously — cleared off the line by sweeper Jack Hennessy.  Drew McNair countered, and nearly scored immediately after.

Two minutes before time, Greg Gudis’s nifty work set up a shot by White.  The keeper could not hold on, and Reiter slammed the rebound into the back of the net.

“Once again, we got a good result against a quality opponent,” said head coach Dan Woog.  “Every game, someone else  steps up.  Today it was Michael (McCarthy).  He was clearly the man of the match, when we needed it.”

Woog also cited Frankie Bergonzi, Krosse and Steven Denowitz.  The latter 2 juniors were given key roles and, Woog said, “performed outstandingly — as we knew they would.”  Final score:  Staples 3, Greenwich 0.  FCIAC record:  12-0.  Overall record:  12-1.

QUICK KICKS: The junior varsity downed Greenwich 3-1.  AJ Green got two goals; George Birch — who played strongly — netted the 3rd.  Coach Ross McGibney also praised Gabe Schindler for his strong play….

The freshmen went up 1-0, saw Greenwich equalize, then pulled away for a 3-1 victory, in their last match of the year.  James Manning, Noah Bender and Zach Morrison all scored.  Shining for the frosh were Zack Pensak and Harry Birch.  Congratulations to Coach Chris O’Dell and all the freshmen on an undefeated, 11-0 season!

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy smothers an excellent Greenwich scoring attempt. (Photo by Carl McNair)

Luke Yeager

Luke Yeager chases down a loose ball in Greenwich. (Photo by Carl McNair)

8 responses to “Staples vs. Greenwich

  1. The photo on the homepage, the second that is, says that the ball was won by the staples player. This is simply wrong, as confirmed by numerous Greenwich players. I’m glad that the match report reflects the fact that the game was extremely even, and in greenwich’s favor in the first half. However staples did finish their chances, despite the fact that they were off greenwich mistakes.

  2. The boys can play, theirs nothing else anyone can say!! unless they become cursed by an evil witch doctor they will go on to win big things!!

    Fingers crossed a witch doctor puts a hex on them, go cardinals!

  3. Jared there is just no need for such wishes. It is not right to wish harm upon others

  4. Staples is simply just a better team. No doubt about it. Props to Greenwich for giving staples a run for its money, but Staples offensive firepower and hardnosed defense was too much for the Cardinals.

    Well done boys. Go WRECKERS.

  5. Home page caption has been changed to reflect the comments here. THANKS!

  6. Tell brookfield that Staples is a great team and they’ll laugh. It’s a matter of perspective and what team decides to show up, or get lucky.

  7. When the clock strikes midnight, the hour glass becomes less. When the boys see eachother in school and their classmates ask what happened you say soccer happened life happened!

  8. staples soccer rocks. i am the biggest fan, i mean i wish i was on the field scoring the goals. everyone could cheer for me! yay staples soccer!

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