Staples vs. St. Joseph

With only 6 regular season home games this year, Staples fans have to savor every match.  Fortunately, the crowd on The Hill had a gorgeous fall afternoon today to do that.

The Cadets held the Wreckers off for nearly half of the 1st half.  At 19:34, however, Matteo Marzoli fed a great ball into the right corner to Brendan Lesch.  The junior midfielder drew the keeper out, then flicked the ball over his head — at a nearly impossible angle — for a stunning goal.

Just 37 seconds later, Staples stunned St. Joe’s again.  This time Lesch assisted Mike White, as the captain laced a shot into the left corner.

And 21 seconds after that, it was 3-0.  Lesch laid off to Alan Reiter; Greg Gudis finished with a no-questions-asked slam.  Total time for the 1st 3 goals:  58 seconds.

Less than 3 minutes later, White ripped another goal, this off an Andrew McNair pass.

Less than 3 minutes more elapsed; Marzoli got the ball into the goalmouth, and Lesch nailed it in during a scramble.

It took 2 1/2 minutes for the next strike:  Sean Gallagher to White, for the hat trick.  Gallagher earned his 2nd straight assist in the 33rd minute, to Gudis.  Like the other goals, it was a beauty.

The Wreckers eased up a bit in the 2nd half.  Luke Yeager powered in a tough-angle ball in the 47th minute; with 12 minutes to go Justin Hawrysh rebounded in a Jake Malowitz shot.  Reserve keeper James Hickok made 2 fine late saves to preserve the shutout.  Final score:  Staples 9, St. Joseph 0.  FCIAC record:  13-0-0.  Overall record:  13-1-0.

QUICK KICKS: The junior varsity trounced St. Joseph 10-0.  Brian Wolgast, George Birch and Terence Gibbons netted 2 goals each; Matt Silver, Max Hoberman, AJ Green and Jay Kaplan also tallied.


Mike White and Matteo Marzoli

Mike White rifles a shot. Behind him Matteo Marzoli pleads, or offers instruction. (Photo by Lisa Krosse)














Alan Reiter

Alan Reiter flicks past a St. Joseph defender. (Photo by Carl McNair)

Nick Cion is in complete control.  (Photo by Lisa Krosse)

Nick Cion is in complete control. (Photo by Lisa Krosse)

Nate Greenberg weaves between a pair of Cadets.  (Photo by Lisa Krosse)

Nate Greenberg weaves between a pair of Cadets. (Photo by Lisa Krosse)

Jake Malowitz enters the 2009 Staples Soccer Bizarre Face Contest.  (Photo by Carl McNair)

Andrew McNair enters the 2009 Staples Soccer Bizarre Face Contest. (Photo by Carl McNair)

6 responses to “Staples vs. St. Joseph


  2. Dan censors comments. He’ll probably delete this one. Freedom of speech man! Power to the people!

  3. That’s because morons like you keep taking advantage of this feature. Stop posting stupid things anonymously…If you wanna be an idiot, have the balls to put your name next to it.

    Anyway, good job Staples. Looking forward to seeing you guys next month.

  4. Victoria Dlamini-Dailey

    Good Job Staples Soccer. Go JV.

  5. you guys are doing a fantastic job this year
    the team looks extremely together and talented
    your doing a great job Dan

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