Thursday’s State Tournament Game To Be Streamed Live Around The World

WWPT_logoWWPT-FM — Staples’ award-winning radio station — will stream Thursday’s  state tournament Round of 16 game against Newtown live.

Fans around the world can click on, and hear the Wreckers’ superb broadcast crew call the match.  Fans within WWPT’s coverage area can hear the game on 90.3 FM.

Earlier this month, WWPT earned 4 national John Drury Awards, for excellence in high school radio broadcasting.  Two of those came for sports shows:  3rd places for “Best Sports Talk” (DJ Sixsmith, Mike Nussbaum, Eric Gallanty, “Two Guys and a Gal,” and “Best Sportscast” (Eric Gallanty, “Sportscast Update”).  In addition, Mike Zito was named Best Radio Station Advisor in the country.

Wrecker Radio — it rocks.

18 responses to “Thursday’s State Tournament Game To Be Streamed Live Around The World

  1. This is great! I’ll be listening in from LA. Go Staples!

  2. I’ll be listening in Laos!

  3. I was sitting next to the announcers today while covering the game and was extremely impressed by the high quality of the broadcast and the distinguished level of the analysis.
    As a Staples graduate I was quite proud to see WWPT is as strong now as it was when I was a student….many, many years ago!
    Keep up the good work.

    Dave Ruden
    Stamford Advocate

  4. Terrific, I can’t wait to listen to it in Edinburgh! Good luck lads

  5. Ill listen to it during my pre-show preparation

  6. all alumni listening to the game. click the Ustream on the WWPT website. and sign up so you can chat with other alumni!

  7. Susan Stalling Hamilton

    I listened to the game from Idaho, as I was checking in our boys high school soccer team bags. Exciting game- amazing announcers! Go Wreckers!

  8. Ben Greenburg and I are so lucky to have been able to broadcast the FCIAC final, first, and second game of States for staples. It’s been insane.
    What a game.

  9. great job to both Bens! Hopefully you’ll keep doing these throughout the playoffs and for all wreckers sports

  10. Ben Greenberg–unbelievable job today! You made the game come alive

  11. Ben Greenberg what a great job today! As a former wrecker (baseball player) I was very impressed. You got a future kido, I’ll pick you over Eric Gallanty any day.

  12. what part of the games did every1 (anonymous 1 and 2) listen to? first half? second half? whole thing?

  13. as great as the game was…ben greenberg was the real highlight

  14. That’s what i tell him! minus the over eric part haha, not to slight anybody. yea, i’m curious too how much / what parts of the game ppl listened to


  16. GREENBERG for president 2012

  17. Thanks for broadcasting Thursday’s game! I hope you broadcast Monday’s game as well.

  18. anonymous–id vote greenberg any day

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