State Semifinal Match To Be Streamed Live On WWPT-FM

WWPT-FM — Staples’ award-winning radio station — will stream Wednesday night’s state tournament semifinal around the world.

Wrecker fans can click on to hear the 2 Bens — Meyers and Greenberg — call all the action in the Staples-Glastonbury match.  Game time is 7 p.m. EST, at West Haven High School.

Last Thursday’s stream — of the Round of 16 game with Newtown — earned rave reviews.  Listeners as far away as Idaho and England thrilled to a 2-0 lead, agonized over a 2-2 draw, then sweated out penalty kicks as they huddled around their computers.

Listeners in WWPT’s coverage area can hear the game on 90.3 FM.

“Our hats are off to ‘PT — the announcers, entire sports staff, tech crew, and of course advisor Mike Zito, who makes the magic happen,” said varsity head coach Dan Woog.  “We love our fans, and we’re glad that thanks to WWPT, they can share the match with us wherever they are.”

12 responses to “State Semifinal Match To Be Streamed Live On WWPT-FM

  1. Thanks again. I’ll listen in again from L.A.

  2. all alumns listening, go to

    there’s a chat feature on there that lets anyone listening talk while the game is being played

  3. BEN GREENBERG is the absolute man

  4. Ben greenberg is half the man nathan is

  5. Staples 3, Glastonbury 2, FINAL

  6. Please live video stream the finals!

  7. Go Staples!!! Great job players, fans, and coaches! We’re ready for the finals!

  8. The problem with live video and the finals is we need a direct feed into the station. A direct feed is something like the outlets at the basketball court or the booth at the football field. Obviously, West Haven isnt a direct feed to the studio at staples.

    …But I have an idea, i’ll ask Zito about figuring out if we can stream from THEIR booth somehow instead of the studio: the hard part will be linking the audio with the video if video is even possible

  9. I agree with Sanders, live video stream finals PLEASE

  10. thanks a lot ben. that’d be AWESOME

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