WWPT Wants Alums For Halftime

WWPT-FM is streaming the Staples-New Milford state championship match live — and they’re want former Wrecker players to add insights to the broadcast.

Alums who wish to provide a bit of analysis during halftime — or any other time — should contact Mike Zito (mzeeto@hotmail.com) as soon as possible.

You share your thoughts with the folks you’re sitting next to — now let the whole world hear them!

A group of alumni from the 1990s gathered at last year's 50th celebration with former coach Jeff Lea (3rd from right). From left are Zack Randel, David Nayor, Alex Deegan, Andrew Clement and Tim Caffrey. Some will be at the 2009 state finals. Will any of them provide radio commentary?

4 responses to “WWPT Wants Alums For Halftime

  1. I would if I were able to make the game. Good luck boys.

  2. Congrats to the 2009 Staples team especially capping off the season with a 4-0 State Championship victory!!!

  3. A+. Staples crushed it. Thanks for your broadcasts WWPT! Listened to 2 of your state tournament broadcasts while in Denver. Very well done.

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