WSA Sets Tryouts For U-18, U-16 Spring Teams

The Westport Soccer Association is forming U-18 and U-16 high school travel teams for this spring.  All high school students living in Westport are invited to try out on January 24, from 12-1 p.m. at the Bedford Middle School gym.

No previous high school soccer experience is required to try out for these teams.  In previous years, the teams have provided excellent opportunities for players not on a premier team.

Pre-registration is required.  To register, click here, then select “Register Online” on the left sidebar.

Questions?  Contact Valerie Rogers:

3 responses to “WSA Sets Tryouts For U-18, U-16 Spring Teams

  1. The WSA logo has got to be one of the COOLEST logos of all time – seriously, and not just in sports – but in business in general. As a kid I remember trading WSA patches with other teams at tournaments in CT and out-of-state and thinking how cool our logo was, and how generally boring the other teams logo patches were. But the logo is a bit funny too, as if our community has 2 choices: Sailing or Soccer? Hmmm, what will I do today? Sail? Or play soccer? Tough choices, huh? A little different from what kids in less fortunate towns can decide to do, but it does represent Westport very well. It’s a classic logo in every sense of aesthetics, design and simplicity. Very cool.

    • Agreed, Tim. It’s now 34 years old, and as handsome and special as ever.

      Interesting story: Tom Cook (first president of the WSA) was an industrial designer who banged out the logo on a napkin at an early meeting; it didn’t even need much refining for the final product. Several years later, at the Hicksville indoor tournament, a girl from Northport looked at our patch, and hers — the designs were very similar.

      “You stole our patch!” she said, in a gross Long Island accent.

      “Actually, you stole ours,” I said. “I was there when the guy designed it.”

      “I don’t think so,” she said. “We’ve had ours all year.”

  2. Tim Caffrey, '93

    Yep, Northport / Cow Harbor – We used to play them all the time. I always noticed their thick accents – “LAWN-guyland”

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