Loeffler Indoor Tournament Set For December 30

All alumni and current varsity players are invited to the 2009 Loeffler Indoor Tournament:  Wednesday, December 30, in the Staples fieldhouse.  Players are asked to arrive by 5:45 p.m., for stretching and socializing.  Play begins at 6 p.m., with 2 games played simultaneously across the floor.

Parent and friend spectators are warmly welcomed too.

In 1963, Mr. Loeffler (2nd from left) posed with 3 members of his 1963 team.

Since Mr. Loeffler’s retirement in 1978, the indoor tournament has served as the major fundraiser for the Albie Loeffler Scholarship.  It has become 1 of the most prestigious awards at Staples, awarded annually to an athlete who participated in one of the sports Mr. Loeffler coached (soccer, basketball, baseball [or softball]).  Alumni are encouraged to make a donation before playing.

This will be the 1st Loeffler Tournament held since the death of the Staples soccer program’s founder last September, 1 day before his 94th birthday.  “We encourage donors to be particularly generous this year, both to honor Mr. Loeffler and in light of the economy and the ever-rising cost of college,” the Loeffler Scholarship committee said.

Donations may also be sent to the Loeffler Scholarship, c/o Dave Wilson, 28 Craw Ave., Rowayton, CT 06853.

For more information on the scholarship — including a list of previous winners — click here, or email dwilson@ucsfi.com.

4 responses to “Loeffler Indoor Tournament Set For December 30

  1. are frosh and jv players alowed to play also?

  2. how many people will be on each team and what will the game length be?

    • Totally depends on turnout. Usually there are 6-7 on the field at one time, with a couple of subs. Games are usually 10 minutes or so (round-robin, then semis and finals). We’re flexible.

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