Sean Gallagher Helps Set School Relay Record

The junior defender was part of a 4×400 team that roared to a 3:25.34 mark at the National Scholastic Indoor Championships at the Armory in New York.

The quartet — also including juniors Raphael Ray and Jack Roche, and sophomore Jon Heil — placed 14th overall.  Competitors came from across the country.

Congratulations to Staples’ fastest 4×400 team ever!

From left: Raphael Ray, Jack Roche, Sean Gallagher, Jon Heil.

18 responses to “Sean Gallagher Helps Set School Relay Record

  1. I just told Zack Gross (’01 All-New England soccer player) that his indoor 4×400 record has been beaten. After a brief cry, he puckered up and applauded this impressive performance .

    And he challenges Gallagher to a race.

  2. Sean Gallagher

    I’ll take that race any day!

  3. I am really busy so I don’t think I can make it to Westport for the race in person. I will just run a 400 and email you my time. Assuming I break your 4X400 split time, you can just send me your 14th place medal in the mail. What’s that? They don’t give out medals for 14th place? That’s what I thought.

  4. OK, me again. I just ran a 400. My time was 48.56. It was a little slow because I have a cold and I ran it wearing all of my FCIAC medals from high school (I have like a billion). I think we can consider this matter closed. My record stays and we can all go back to the way things were.

  5. Oh uh, again, I am very busy so I will just take a test here in the city and send you the results.

  6. Just got back my results. I tested positive for a lot of steroids. Plus the birth control pill. I guess you can keep your medals.

  7. Sean Gallagher

    Whats that? no medal for 14th place, that’s correct. But tell me, what place did your team come in at the National Meet? 14th? no? huh.

    …and wait, is everyone on my 4by4 team returning next year…yes. Doesn’t that mean we will just destroy the record we set this year…yes it does.

    And no I do not have a medal for 14th place but I have too many medals from FCIACS, States, State Opens, the Yale invitational, and NEW ENGLAND’S
    …so i guess since you only spoke of your FCIAC medals I can lend you a few State and New England medals to keep your case full, because frankly mine is overflowing.

    Let me know next time your in town so we may let our legs do the talking.

    (All in good fun)

  8. You actually own a trophy case? Who do you think you are, Usain Bolt? Is it a special trophy case specially designed to hold bronze medals from New England’s? I guess you didn’t do your research because if you did, you would see my relay team placed second at New England’s. And yes, that would make me All-New England in two sports. But enough about the past – I agree that we should let our legs do the talking. Head to head. 400 meters. Loser buys the winner a 1998 Mitsubishi Gallant. What’s that? You can’t buy a car because you don’t have a credit score or a bank account and you are just a fart-faced high school student? Well, I have already been approved to buy a pre-owned 1998 Mitsubishi Gallant. And once I have it, I will have 100 friends and they will all be faster than your stupid relay team! So suck on that!

  9. (And yes, all in good fun. You and your team ran a very fast time and it sounds like you will soon break your own record next year. Congratulations and please dont’ make me race you)

  10. Sean Gallagher

    We will place first place at New England’s next year when I am a senior 🙂

    I will call you when we do it.

  11. Alright you pipsqueaks, listen up. Ev Boyle here to represent the storied 4×4 of 2001. You know our names cause you’ve seen them on the WALL OF CHAMPIONS in the field house everyday since before you hit puberty. IF you’ve hit puberty.

    My brothers include Adam “Captain America” Polite, Will “Crazylegged Einstein” Jordan, and Zack “All-New England In Every Sport” Gross. Plus first alternate Mike “I ran a 1:57 800m…Backwards” Carey.

    Here’s the thing. You may have run a faster TIME than us, but you haven’t really broken our record UNTIL YOU BEAT US HEAD-2-HEAD. Laddie didn’t tell you?

    Our time was….well, I can’t find it anymore because it’s already been replaced by yours on the records page of But it’s irrelevant. We ran in a different era. I heard you all wear a cheating device called “spikes” on your feet? In our day we wore steel boots, because that was the only footwear safe enough to wear on the track. That’s right, the track was made of recycled glass shards back then. We didn’t complain; we knew the Westport school district was cash-strapped. And besides, it made us stronger. I bet they didn’t teach you that in your brand new $522 million dollar spaceship of a school.

    Anyway, you know what I’m talking about: an old-fashioned race-off. We’ll hammer out the specifics as we go, but I’m sure you guys will need 2-3 months to get in shape, so let’s shoot for late-August/early-September. My guys will be doing time trials at Staples over July 4th weekend if you’re in the mood to unintentionally pee your pants.

    Also I’m gonna have to reach out to the old crew and let them know that I wrote this message. Obviously everyone will be on board, but a heads up will be helpful for the fatter members of our team (Zack).


    P.S. I heard you guys ran a 3:23 4×4 at FCIACs today and, more importantly, won the race. That time won’t beat us, but still very impressive.

  12. Laddie will be the starter, I’ll get some spikes, let’s handle this.

    In honor of the world cup, I’ll even challenge you to soccer too.

  13. Sean Gallagher

    Yeah that’s right, we did run a 3:23 4×4…………

    oh wait I forgot to mention our third leg was SICK for the past week and ran a 52.2 as opposed to his normal 50.8-51.2.

    So uh yea basically you can make up as many excuses as you would like, in the end track is a sport that is definitive….its definitive that our time is FASTER then any other 4×4 team to ever run through Staples.

    Oh and now that championship season is coming, I will keep you updated with our team dropping sick times while PR-ing consistantly

    Stay tuned because our 4×4 is not even close to as fast as it will get.

    Oh yea and did I mention that none of us are even seniors…..that’s right you’ll have to sit through another year of my relay team breaking our own record!

    Nice try though, I accept your challenge.

  14. “Nice try though, I accept your challenge.”

    YES!! It’s on. You say that track is a definitive sport and for the most part you’re right. But not when our tracks were made of a sticky tar-glue substance as I mentioned above. That slowed our time significantly. Converted to a real track our time was officially 3:09.88.

    Anyway, congrats on the 3:21.6 at Opens! That is insanely fast and the best part is you destroyed everyone. Big ups! See you late-August/early-September. Your formal challenge invitations should be arriving in the mail shortly. It’ll be good motivation for you all not to get fat over the summer.


  15. Sean Gallagher

    Haha I appreciate that! And can’t wait for the challenge,

    Waiting for the invitation in the mail,

    Sean G

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