Jack Hennessy 3-Peats As Dodgeball Champ

They said it couldn’t be done.

But they don’t know Jack Hennessy.

3-time, and undefeated, dodgeball champion Jack Hennessy.

The  captain of the state champion soccer team, state-level indoor track star and captain of the FCIAC-defending baseball team added another notch to his impressive athletic belt yesterday:  He became the only person in the 3-year history of the Staples dodgeball tournament to 3-peat on the winning team.

Hennessy’s team — called simply “The Athletes” — took the top prize in the event, a fundraiser for Staples Tuition Grants and the class committees.

Impressively, Hennessy’s 3 championship trophies came with 3 entirely different teams.

Other Staples soccer players competed too, including Jason Bennett and Justin Hawrysh (on the team The Darkest Hour), Steven Denowitz (Free Ballers), Mikey Fitzgerald (Team Indie), Terence Gibbons (Jersey Shore), AJ Green (Each Hit Counts), Greg Gudis, Frank Bergonzi and Luke Yeager (Rabbi Felman), Max Hoberman and Taylor McNair (Snookular Warfare), Michael McCarthy (The Gentle Monstars Men) and Alan Reiter (W.H.D.S).

For a full report on this spectacular event, click here.

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