5-v-5 Tournament Raises Money For Street Soccer

For the 2nd straight year, Greens Farms Academy student and Westport Soccer Association player Andy Mondino has organized a small-sided fundraising tournament — and invited the Staples Wreckers to join.

Last year’s 3-v-3 event raised over $1,500 for Darfur refugees.  This year, it’s 5-v-5.  The charity is Street Soccer USA, an excellent organization that uses sports to help end homelessness across the United States.

This year’s 5-v-5 tournament is set for next Sunday, April 18 — 12 noon to 3 p.m., at Greens Farms Academy.  There is a $20 registration team (per team).  Pre-registration is recommended — email MondinoA@gfacademy.org.

“I encourage all Staples players — and any other players who are around — to form a team and participate,” said Staples High School head coach Dan Woog.  “The competition is great — last year we had 2 teams reach the semis.  And all the money goes to an exceptional cause.

“I commend Andy Mondino, his friend Joseph Filgueiras, and the entire GFA community service committee for organizing this great event.  I thank them for inviting us to participate.  This is what soccer, friendship — and service — is all about.”

(Referees and tournament-day helpers are also needed — email MondinoA@gfacademy.org.)

Andy Mondino

2 responses to “5-v-5 Tournament Raises Money For Street Soccer

  1. GFA, Andy, and Joseph, are great examples of the difference a person or a group can make when they simply decide to take action.

    It’s a lesson we teach all our participants (homeless teens and adults) that join our teams. Our teams are focused on using sports to develop the human being, and to delivering practical aid in term so job training etc. to help our participants achieve their off the field goals.

    Poverty is such a handicap, and you really need a community behind you to overcome extreme poverty–which is essentially what homelessness is. Thanks to everyone for participating in the tournament. It means a lot to our players and the resources raised enable us to change lives on a daily basic. join us on facebook and visit our site. Ending homelessness is a team sport, so thanks for playing your role!

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