Wreckers Meet Wethersfield In Pre-Season

Hurricane Earl forced Staples from Loeffler Field to Wakeman this afternoon.

Just as the storm delivered less than anticipated, the pre-season scrimmage between Staples and Wethersfield was a ho-hum affair.

The Wreckers opened with a scoreless 0-0 30-minute period.

The 2nd period saw Lars Aanestad’s long ball find Max Hoberman.  The junior finished solidly.

Steve Smith’s curving free kick put Staples up in period 3, but the northerners quickly equalized.  The Eagles went ahead 2-1, before Jake Malowitz fed Smith.  His shot was blocked, but bounced wickedly over the keeper for a 2-2 draw.

This Monday the Wreckers celebrate Labor Day with their traditional training session at the Old Mill tidal flats — followed by a picnic hosted by Compo Cove residents Pete  Romano and Robin Tauck.

On Tuesday Staples travels to Glastonbury, for a scrimmage with the Tomahawks and Naugatuck.

Jake Malowitz moves out of the back against Wethersfield. (Photo by Lisa Krosse)

2 responses to “Wreckers Meet Wethersfield In Pre-Season

  1. the final score was 3-2 i thought?

  2. Score is kept by periods in scrimmages, not overall.

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