Staples-Norwalk Decision At 1 p.m. Today

The showdown between Norwalk — #1 in the state, with a 6-0-0 record — and Staples is set for today (Friday, Oct. 1), 4 p.m. at Loeffler Field.  If the field is unplayable, the match may be shifted to the Wakeman Field turf.  That decision will not be made until Friday around 1 p.m.

2 responses to “Staples-Norwalk Decision At 1 p.m. Today

  1. Back in the mother land we play soccer in the rain every day whether the grass is flooded or not.

  2. Back in the motherland, you may not have a Parks & Rec department that has worked tremendously hard all summer long to get the grass in excellent shape. Playing soccer on flooded grass — when matches and training sessions will continue to take place through mid-November — is not the way to go.

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