Staples vs. St. Joseph

After 2 very intense wins — against opponents coming to Westport with just 1 loss between them — one might expect this afternoon’s match to be less alluring.

One would be correct.

The Wreckers converted none of their 8 1st-half shots.  The 1st 40 minutes were noteworthy mostly for the return of Steve Denowitz, back after missing 9 games (knee injury).  He moved confidently into his former defensive spot, looking none the worse for his extended absence.

The scoreless drought continued all the way through the 2nd period.  Mikey Scott was dragged down in the penalty area.  Greg Gudis blasted home the ensuing penalty kick.  It was Staples’ 1st PK all year.

The most exciting moment came in the final second.  The Cadets fired their best — and only — shot of the day.  It whizzed over the bar, a few inches high.  Final score:  Staples 1, St. Joseph 0.  Season record:  11-2-1.

QUICK KICKS: The junior varsity shut out St. Joseph 8-0.  Jay Kaplan, Noah Bender and Brad Payne had 2 goals each; Terence Gibbons and Ryan Petersen added solo strikes….

The freshmen came back twice at Ridgefield — both times on Diego Alanis’ free kicks — but the Tigers pulled ahead with a penalty kick and late goal, and won 4-2.  Coach Chris O’Dell was proud of the Wreckers’ effort, which came on the heels of several other strong games.  The frosh end the season with a 4-3-2 mark.

Sean Gallagher heads out of danger. (Photo by Lisa Krosse)

Lorenz Esposito does his thing against St. Joseph. (Photo by Lisa Krosse)

3 responses to “Staples vs. St. Joseph

  1. This may be the worst game review I have ever read.

  2. Worst review of a review I’ve ever read.

  3. Worst review of a review of a review I’ve ever read.

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