60 Wreckers Enjoy Turkey Bowl

Spanning every decade from the 1970s to the 2010s, 60 former and present Staples soccer players worked up a Thanksgiving appetite this morning at the Wakeman turf field.

Several future stars were on the field too.  Dozens of others supporters — parents of former and present players, spouses, children and hangers-on — watched.

There were 4 teams; each played everyone else.  Formal standings were not kept; “everyone was a winner,” though some more than others.

Chris Mitchell '92

Chris Mitchell ’92 was the consensus Man of the Match.  Ian Farquhar, 10 years old — an Atlanta-area resident, and son of the oldest player on the turf, Rich Farquhar ’79 — was tabbed Rookie of the Match.

Traveling the furthest:  Stig Stenild-Johansen ’88.  He lives in Italy.

The next alumni event is Wed., Dec. 29:  the annual Loeffler Indoor Tournament, set for 6 p.m. in the Staples fieldhouse.

One response to “60 Wreckers Enjoy Turkey Bowl

  1. nicky hoberman mvp and greatest player ever.

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