Brendan Lesch Named All-American

Notre-Dame bound midfielder Brendan Lesch is the 7th All-American in Staples boys soccer history — and the 1st of the 21st century.

Brendan Lesch

The senior tri-captain was 1 of only 3 Connecticut players chosen by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America committee.  He will join Kevin Michalak of Farmington High School and Tyler Leeman of Montville High at the All-America banquet in Baltimore next month.

Head coach Dan Woog cited Lesch’s “incredible passion for the game, lifelong desire to excel, and constant willingness to work hard and improve” in lauding the NSCAA honoree.

Previous NSCAA All-Americans from Staples include Ed Murphy in 1973, Phil Moen (1976) and Kyle Martino (1998).

Three Wreckers have been named Parade Magazine All-Americans:  Mark Noonan in 1982, Mike Clifford (1984) and Chris Mitchell (1990).

Lesch was also selected to the All-New England and All-State squads — as he was last year.  He is the 11th All-New England choice from Staples — but only the 2nd to repeat.  Mark Noonan turned the trick in 1981-’82.

For a complete list of all Staples post-season honors through the years, go to the home page and click the “Stuff” tab at the top — or click here.

8 responses to “Brendan Lesch Named All-American

  1. Brendan,
    We cannot begin to express how PROUD we are of you. You are not only an exceptional soceer player, but your never ending loyalty and sense of friendship to your teammates is very special. As you reach new milestones in life, never lose what makes you special off the field–Your are ALL-HEART!!! Always THE MVP in so many ways, that very few will ever understand or attain. We look forward to seeing another “All-American” award for the Irish. Never lose your smile or sense of loyalty!!!! The Gudis Family

  2. Brendan, this is an honor well deserved. I knew from the moment I saw you kicking a soccer ball at age 9 that you would be someone special. I will miss seeing you play on the hill, but hope to see some of your games as a “fighting Irish”. Best of luck to you!
    the Denowitz Family

  3. Bren, as I have always said, you’re a winner and the team you play for – from U9 and before to now – is better with you on it. We are SO proud of you, and we will continue to watch you play for years to come.

    Frank and Mary-Lisa and family

  4. Brendan, I cannot think of a player who exemplifies the skills necessary to succeed not only in soccer, but the skills necessary to succeed in life. You are a vivacious player whose passion and pride are contagious. Thank you for always putting on a show every time you throw on the Staples uniform and lace up your fluorescent boots. I can only hope that you will be able to find the same success in Indiana. Keep up the hard work, and congratulations once again not only for an amazing senior campaign, but for your legendary presence at staples high school.

  5. Brendan, CONGRATULATIONS from the entire Train family! We are so proud of you!

  6. Brendan! Congrats on a truly amazing achievement…it is well deserved after all the hard work you put in! Best of luck, The Hickok Family

  7. Brendan,
    Congratulations! All-American! Wow! An honor so deserved. We always loved watching you play and knew you were a star. So many high school accomplishments and honors! Wishing you continued success at Notre Dame.
    All our best,
    The Fox Family

  8. hey brendan great job and good luck at nd I will see you play at nd when you play michigan

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