Old Guys Win Loeffler Tournament; Over $1,000 Raised For Scholarship

In the most competitive Loeffler Indoor Tournament ever, the oldest team staved off a fierce challenge from the 2006 squad — perennial contenders — and won in overtime, 2-1.  Chris Mitchell ’91 — consensus MVP of last month’s Turkey Bowl — scored both goals in the final.

The event raised $1,003 for the Loeffler Scholarship Fund.  Nearly all alumni paid to play.

Chris Mitchell '91.

The old guys — Mitchell, Todd Coleman ’84, Dan Donovan ’82, Mark Noonan ’83, Jem Sollinger ’88, Dr. Jono Sollinger ’86, Brian Sullivan ’82 and Jon Whitfield — reached the finals after a 1-0-2 record in round-robin play.

Their foes — Greg Bachman ’07, Brendan Cristobal ’07, Keaton Cristobal ’07, Matt Hammer ’07, Chris Meinke ’05, Dave Sharpe ’07 and Craig Wolgast ’07 — roared through qualifying play with a 3-0 mark.  Their semifinal also went to golden goal.  There were 2 extra rounds, in which players were taken off the field to open the game up.

They ’06 side finally won, over the squad of current players:  Harry Birch, Frankie Bergonzi, Dylan Hoy, Jake Krosse, Court Lake, Brendan Lesch and Mikey Scott.  They did not win a 1st-round match, but acquitted themselves well in the semi.

The 4th side in the very competitive evening was a mix of coaches, alumni, and current and future players:  Kurt Dasbach, Shane Dasbach, Zack Gross ’01, Will Meinke, Russell Oost-Lievense ’07, James Rubin and Jim Wolf ’01.

One response to “Old Guys Win Loeffler Tournament; Over $1,000 Raised For Scholarship

  1. staples soccer alum

    the current team came in 4th, not 3rd

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