Norwalk Nips Westport In Futsal Finals

Staples hosted a 4-team futsal tournament this afternoon, for current and graduating high school-age players.  Three Norwalk teams, and 1 from Westport, competed in the gym.

Andres Torres scored the only goal in the final.  Norwalk’s top squad edged a team of returning Staples players, 1-0.

Westport was represented by Lars Aanestad, Noah Bender, Lorenz Esposito, Terence Gibbons, James Hickok, Dylan Hoy, Jake Malowitz and Will Meinke. The team went 1-1-1, then captured the semifinal 4-1.

The next futsal event will include more FCIAC schools.

Action from today’s futsal tournament. Westport is in green.

2 responses to “Norwalk Nips Westport In Futsal Finals

  1. Do you know when the next event will be? Like to enter.

    • This was the only futsal event this year. Next year, there might be a bigger tournament — or even a league. Meanwhile, we encourage all high school players (and younger) to train with a futsal whenever they can, indoors and outside (in small areas like basketball courts). The ball stays on the ground, encouraging control, touch and creativity. It definitely works for the Brazilians!

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