Varsity Players Serve As Mentors

For the 3rd year in a row, Staples varsity  and middle school soccer players enjoyed a special March mentorship program.

The Wreckers designed special afternoon sessions at Wakeman with 6 to 10 WSA and premier players, based on their specialties and interests — 1-v-1 attacking, for example, or shooting or crossing.  At the end of each session they spent some time talking with the younger players about Staples, soccer, and life in general.

Feedback was extremely positive.  One parent described how his son spent an hour after the session working out on his own.  Others appreciated the opportunity for youngsters to hear informally — but honestly — about life after middle school.

Harry Birch, Lorenz Esposito, Dylan Evans, James Hickok, Max Hoberman, Dylan Hoy, Jake Malowitz, Taylor McNair, Will Meinke, Ben Root, Steve Smith and Alex Tonsberg  ran sessions.  Tim Foisie was the WSA coordinator.

Thanks to all — and to the 30-plus future Staples players who participated!

Alex Tonsberg was one of the inspirational Staples mentors this month.

2 responses to “Varsity Players Serve As Mentors

  1. Thank you Dan for supporting this effort and helping make it happen with the varsity soccer players.

    Thank you James, Dylan Evans, Jake, Alex, Dylan Hoy, Harry, Lorenz, Ben, Max, Steve, Taylor and Will for sharing your insights and skills with the middle school soccer players. This is very much appreciated!

  2. I would like to thank Alex, Jake M, Dylan, and Steven for helping the 8th graders get a feel for Staples soccer that will help us do well in the soccer program.

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