Lindsey And Anna Run For Preston

Lindsey Chandler and Anna Kallenborn were classmates of Preston Hirten ’07.

Anna Kallenborn and Lindsey Chandler

Preston died suddenly in 2009, on the soccer field at the University of Mary Washington.  Lindsey now attends Washington University in St. Louis; Anna is at the University of Connecticut.

They haven’t forgotten their friend.  Now they’re running a marathon in his memory — and to raise funds for Goals 4 Ghana.  Four months before he died, Preston traveled to Africa, to help with the organization.  Goals 4 Ghana provides soccer equipment and scholarships to children.

On their website, Lindsey and Anna write:

Running a marathon takes much more than physical fitness.  It takes commitment, determination and willpower to complete the rigorous training regimen in the midst of busy college schedules and social lives.

It is often challenging to keep going when you know that you can just push the stop button on the treadmill or start walking on the road.  And, after a tough week of training, it is incredibly tempting to skip that last run and relax on the couch or hang out with friends instead.

At those moments, they write:

Preston comes to mind.  Preston was the epitome of a tenacious hard worker.  His personal drive, competitive spirit and passion were truly inspirational for all of us who had the opportunity to watch him play.

On the field he led by example and helped push his Staples teammates to compete through some of the greatest challenges imaginable.  Our memories of Preston continue to motivate us as we train for the St. Louis Marathon this April 10.

On the day of the race, Preston will be in our minds and hearts as we push ourselves to run the 26.2 miles.

Lindsey and Anna are soliciting pledges for Goals 4 Ghana.  “When we run our race,” they say, “your contributions towards the soccer players in Ghana — along with the remembrance of Preston’s perseverance — will inspire us to keep pushing ourselves until we cross the finish line.”

(To donate to Goals 4 Ghana, via Lindsey and Anna, click here.  To read their blog, click here.  To contact them directly, email

Preston Hirten (Photo: Kerry Long)

2 responses to “Lindsey And Anna Run For Preston

  1. A wonderful idea and tribute.

  2. Kathy Watt Zawacki

    Anna and Lindsey, my family and I were neighbors of the Hirtens’ in Wilmette. We were fortunate to watch Preston grow up into an amazing boy. He even showed his passion for other sports besides soccer right in his own driveway shooting hoops for what seemed like hours. His spirit lives on in the many things that were passed on to our own son. The two of you are doing an amazing thing, not just in the grueling challenge of the marathon, but in remembering Preston. I wish you both the best!

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