Mary Meinke Checks In From Haiti

Several years ago Chris Meinke ’05 traveled with his father, Dr. Alan Meinke, to India.  They delivered medical aid to people in dire need.

Last month Dr. Meinke and Mary — sister of Chris and Will ’12 — headed to Haiti.

Mary — a student at Hamilton College — sent a photo and report.

We worked at the main trauma center, Bernard Mev’s Hospital, in Port-au-Prince.  The night this photo was taken we had an influx of patients from a political riot.  I am suturing a lacerated ear.

My hat just goes to show that Staples Soccer extends far beyond Connecticut.

We also brought some soccer balls to kick around in the hospital courtyard with kids when we had a slow afternoon.  Haiti affirmed my belief that you can truly connect with anyone over soccer, whether in the context of Loeffler Field or a triage tent.

Congratulations, Mary and Dr. Meinke, for all you do — and for spreading  Staples soccer across the globe!

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