Matt Sych ’07 Scores MLS Internship

Matt Sych ’07 has just finished his 1st week at work.  He’s the  new digital properties intern for MLS/Soccer United Marketing.

Matt Sych

Matt’s department manages all sponsorships and commerical content within the SUM network of properties:,, and many more.

Matt — who spent the last 4 years as the University of Connecticut men’s soccer videographer — reports:  “I’m having a great time and learning a lot about the sport marketing/advertising industry.  It’s really cool to see the rapid growth of soccer in the United States, and how MLS has positioned itself as a top contender for sport sponsorship deals.  We’ve got meetings with some major video, food services and other companies this week.”

2 responses to “Matt Sych ’07 Scores MLS Internship

  1. Congrats Matt. That sounds like a great internship.

  2. Yes, congrats to Matt!

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