Wreckers, UMW Remember Preston Hirten ’07

The 2nd annual Preston Hirten weekend got off to a great start this morning.  Over 40 players  — teammates from the Staples 2006 team, the University of Mary Washington and Beachside; many current Wreckers, and 2 who graduated last month — played a round-robin series of games in honor of their friend who died nearly 2 years ago.

Teammates, friends and family of Preston Hirten '07.

The Wakeman turf was the site of some hard-nosed, skillful — but very friendly — competition, with mixed teams.  The final match pitted Preston’s former 2006 Staples team against his UMW squad.

Preston’s father, mother and sister Ella were there, along with several ’06 parents.

Congratulations to Matt Lamb ’07 and Dave Sharpe ’07 for organizing the weekend, and thanks to Stuart McCarthy and ChiChi Ogbenta for donating their services as officials.

Next up:  a Saturday evening cookout at Compo.

The memorial weekend will continue next year, Matt and Dave promise.

Wreckers James Hickok, Steven Smith and Aaron Liu, and 2 Mary Washington players, take a much-needed break.

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