Seth Sholes ’78 Joins Staples Staff As JV Coach

Seth Sholes ’78 is the newest member of the Staples High School coaching staff.

The former All-State defender and Wesleyan University All-American will be the junior varsity coach this fall.

Seth Sholes

“This is not just a home run — it’s a grand slam,” said head coach Dan Woog.  “Seth was a great player, with experience at a very high level.  He knows the game, loves Staples and our program, and has plenty of real-world experience.  The timing worked out perfectly.”

After captaining Albie Loeffler’s last Staples team — the 1977 squad that lost in the state semifinals to Danbury — Seth majored in government and international politics at Wesleyan.

He spent his junior year playing and training with Holland’s Willem II team, then captained the Cardinals as a senior.

He was invited to try out with the Portland Timbers following graduation, but the NASL soon folded.  He embarked on a 26-year career on Wall Street — working with Gruss and Company, Swid Partners and, for the last 12 years, First New York Securities.

He continued playing soccer, with the Manhattan Kickers — a club filled with former Wreckers.  He also coached his son and daughter, on the Bedford (NY) Soccer Club, and West Side Soccer in New York City.

Two years ago, he and his family moved back to Westport.  Seth retired from First New York earlier this month, to pursue his passions.  At the same time, Staples was searching for a JV coach.

“I always like hiring alumni,” Woog said.  “They understand where our program has come from, and where we want to go.  I think Seth will fit in superbly with our players, with freshman coach Chris O’Dell — who is also a former player — and with Kurt Dasbach and Tom Henske, who might as well be Staples grads.”

“I’m happy to be home,” Seth said.

“So am I!” Woog added.

8 responses to “Seth Sholes ’78 Joins Staples Staff As JV Coach

  1. That’s a great fit! Good luck to Seth.and the JV

    Don Frassetto (’78)

  2. Great choice in Seth! Nice to have him back in Westport and on the sidelines.

    Rick Leonard (’77)

  3. okay, first of all, RETIRED?!? i hate you, sholes. on the other hand, FANTASTIC choice. congrats all around!!

  4. Superb choice. Best of luck to Seth.

  5. Congratulations, Seth. Amazing how the circle seems to complete itself. Eric Zuckerman and I will be keeping a close eye on you from our perch here in Santa Fe. Good luck.

  6. very happy for seth. sounds like a great decison for him and the school. joey low

  7. Congratulations Seth, and Dan, great choice. I’m also delighted to see another Wesleyan grad join the Staples coaching ranks (grin).

  8. Congratulations Seth, Thanks not only for giving up time to the community but for your time during the golden years of your retirement ! I should also add a Happy Birthday note as well. By the way Seth said he would be joining the team for a 6 mile run followed by some sprints up the hill in honor of coach Lea (grin) Jeff Stefenson

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