“Kick For Nick” Soccer Ball Collection Set For Friday

The Hill will be packed this Friday (September 30), when Staples hosts Norwalk for a 4 p.m. match.

Taylor McNair hopes collection boxes will be filled with used soccer balls too.

The senior defender has organized a “Kick for Nick” collection.  He invites all spectators (and players) to scour their closets, basements and garages for soccer balls to bring to the game.  They’ll be sent overseas, thanks to a special program in the name of fallen soldier Nick Madaras.

A former Wilton High School soccer player, Nick was killed in Iraq.  To honor his memory — and complete a project he’d begun — his parents, friends and total strangers collect soccer balls for shipment to Iraq and Afghanistan.  American service members then give them to grateful children.

So far, over 30,000 “Kick For Nick” soccer balls have been distributed.  But the need continues.

After Saturday’s match, Taylor and his brother — freshman player Jordan McNair — will deflate the balls, write messages on each, and deliver them to the Madaras family in Wilton.

Thanks, Taylor, for organizing this tremendous project.  And thanks to all who donate used soccer balls this Friday.

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