Igor Pikayzen ’05 Presents Recital At Yale

Music-loving soccer fans: Mark Saturday, January 28 (8 p.m., Sprague Hall, 470 College Street, New Haven). Igor Pikayzen ’05 stars in a special violin recital at Yale.

Let the striker and Watermelon Cup stalwart describe it:

Igor Pikayzen

Please join me as I celebrate my 3rd and final year at Yale (pending approval of the orchestra and dean’s offices) with another lengthy and pretentious recital!

Following Handel-Thompson’s “Passacaglia,” which is unfamiliar to all those who are not violinists from the USSR, you’ll  enjoy the rather popular Beethoven “D Major Sonata,” and the much maligned Bach “A Minor Sonata” for violin solo.

For those arriving after intermission, the menu consists of 3 Paganini caprices, the gorgeous “Poème Élégiaque” of Ysaye, the charming yet ominous Shostakovich preludes, and the dashingly brilliant Wieniawski “D Major Polonaise.”

All above-mentioned adjectives are a direct result of my 7 years of top-quality college education. In lieu of flowers, imported beer will be accepted. Hope to see you there!

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