Mike Leahy ’89 Announces The Birth…

…of his and Aimee’s 1st child. Mia Marie Leahy was born March 29.

“We can’t stop smiling,” Mike says.

The former Staples captain and Bates College star adds, “Hope all is well, and that the guys are already gearing up for the fall.”

Mike is now deputy general counsel and head of litigation for American International Group, Inc. in New York. He earned his law degree at the University of Virginia.

Mia Marie Leahy

One response to “Mike Leahy ’89 Announces The Birth…

  1. Mike, congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of Baby Mia Marie. With complete respect to your dear wife, Mia Marie reminds me of your Mother. Such a lady! Think we may see the early beginnings of a center half, wearing her father’s first green soccer uniform (still have it), and an 800 meter runner who, had he chosen, could have been an Olympian at that distance. Such grace, heart and focus was apparent whenever you set off at the anticipated sound of the starter’s pistol. My best to the Leahy Family of Greens Farms, and well wishes to Mia Marie Leahy. Very proud of you, Mike!

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