Nicky Hoberman ’07 Named Staples Conditioning And Agility Coach

Rich Stein has resigned — with deep regret — as the Staples boys soccer conditioning coach. The longtime volunteer has landed a full-time catering job that will prevent him from continuing his important work with the Wreckers.

But into Rich’s shoes steps Nicky Hoberman ’07.

Nicky Hoberman

Nicky was a key member of the 2006 team that won the FCIAC championship, and reached the state final. He went on to a stellar career at Union College, captaining the Dutchmen last fall.

An assistant trainer first at Crossfit Norwalk, soon at Crossfit Performance in Fairfield, Nicky runs a strength and conditioning program for Staples players this summer. He also runs G’s Body Blast program. Since 2006 he has been involved in all aspects of Staples soccer, including the winter program and 6-v-6 Watermelon Cup leagues.

Nicky walks the talk: he recently placed 37th in Crossfit’s Northeast regional competition.

“Rich gave so much to the Staples program. He filled a great need, working with players before, during and after training sessions and games,” says head coach Dan Woog.

“But I can’t imagine a better replacement than Nicky. He is a Staples soccer through and through. He knows our program, he understands our philosophy, and he relates well to our guys. He’ll work them hard, and they will respond well.”

Dan added, “When Nicky’s brothers Max and Kyle graduated in June, I thought that ended a string of Hobermans ‘on’ the Staples team that began in 2003. I’m very glad it continues.”

One response to “Nicky Hoberman ’07 Named Staples Conditioning And Agility Coach

  1. To the friends, family, school, and supporters of Staples Soccer Thank You. I have enjoyed my time with the program and have truly been lucky to be involved with your sons development in fitness and conditioning. I plan on being around the pitch when I can. It’s not a goodbye, but a step away. Nicky is a great replacement. He is a top conditioner and more importantly understands all aspects inside and out of what it means to be a Staples Soccer player. I can only wish you the best of everything. Good Luck team, Nicky, coaches, and all the parents that are and have been so supportive.

    Rich Stein

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