Dan Woog’s New Book — “We Kick Balls” — Is Published

Staples head coach Dan Woog is also a writer. His 17th book has just been published. Appropriately enough, the topic is soccer.

We Kick Balls: True Stories from the Youth Soccer Wars covers Dan’s 30-plus years as a coach.

He writes about a broad range of players and parents. Amazing games. Funny, weird, fantastic, awful situations. And that’s just one day.

“Soccer has been very, very good to me,” Dan says.

“I’ve taken teams around the world. I’ve been to Pele’s house, coached in front of 77,000 people at the Meadowlands, helped raise $25,000 at a carwash, and acted in a soccer movie.

“I’ve made incredible friendships, forged lifelong bonds, and had them tested by too many deaths.

“I’ve learned what makes teenagers tick. I’ve learned a lot life – and about myself — along the way.”

Now he shares those tales with readers.

We Kick Balls has been called “funny, warm, courageous and edifying.” It ricochets from the World Cup to Dachau, from race and religion to 9/11. Somehow, soccer connects them all.

Dan says, “There’s more to life than soccer. And there’s more to soccer than soccer. We Kick Balls is a book about kids, life, and everything that happens to all of us, on and off the field.”

It’s available in a variety of formats.

Hard copy:  Click here to order direct from the publisher. Click here to order from Amazon.

E-book formats: Click here to order Amazon Kindle. Click here to order downloadable e-book files for Nook, Apple iBooks, Sony Reader, Kobo, Stanza, Aldiko and Adobe Editions.

You can “like” the We Kick Balls page on Facebook, too!

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