Quiz Night A Huge Success; New Champs Crowned

Staples boys soccer’s 7th annual Quiz Night may have been the best yet.

There was plenty of heated competition — did you know pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in America? that Philippe Woog invented the electric toothbrush? that after having sex, a praying mantis eats the male? — along with great raffle prizes, food, and fun.

The winning team included Steve Bender, Tom Beusse, Peter Bradeen, Jeanne McCarron, Bob Scott, Jeff Shikowitz and Justine Shikowitz

The event raised a whopping $7,785 $8,010. Those funds will help pay for many program-related costs, including the banquet; the boys soccer team’s annual contribution to the construction of the Wakeman B turf field; the Loeffler Field terrace renovation, scholarships and more.

The varsity captains’ parents — Tom Greenwald and Cathy Utz, and Ned and  Tina Hickok — helped lead the event, with spectacular help from many, many, many others.  The Staples boys soccer team thanks all who donated or collected raffle prizes, helped with scoring, food, set-up and clean-up, and in any other way.

A small part of the large crowd at Quiz Night 2012. (Photo by Carl McNair)

3 responses to “Quiz Night A Huge Success; New Champs Crowned

  1. What a great night! Many thanks again to all who volunteered their time to help in so many ways and to those who generously donated/solicited all the wonderful prizes and of course, thanks to everyone who attended, making this event such a success and so much fun! Tina Hickok

  2. It took me four years to finally figure out that I should have sat at Peter Bradeen’s table if I wanted to win Quiz Night!!! Darn!

  3. thanks Dan and Ned and Tina and all the parents who participated. This was truly a team effort! p.s. I remember Bradeen casually answering the most obscure questions last year, so no real surprise there!

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