Wreckers Help Teammate After Sandy

It’s been a tough week for Staples junior varsity tri-captain Sebo Hood.

On Thursday, his older brother died. Four days later, Hurricane Sandy slammed into his home on Soundview Drive — right on Compo Beach. Among plenty of other damage, a couple of tons of sand ended up on his front lawn.

Varsity player Charlie Leonard came up with an idea: Help shovel Sebo’s yard.

Head coach Dan Woog sent out a text message. The response was immediate.

This morning, with access to the beach limited, Parks and Recreation director Stuart McCarthy organized transportation to Sebo’s house from Longshore. Armed with shovels and wheelbarrows, 40 varsity, JV and freshman players showed up to help.

Working hard until nearly 2 p.m., they removed several feet of sand. They wheeled it across Soundview, back to the beach where it belonged. It was a massive undertaking — and at the end, the Hoods rewarded the players (augmented by friends and neighbors) with pizzas.

“It’s an honor to help a teammate,” Woog said. “Charlie deserves a lot of credit for coming up with the idea, and the 40 or so guys who showed up were fantastic.

“The way things look, the guys might have some time on their hands over the next few days. If there’s another opportunity to help, I’m happy to pass the word along.”

A broken fence frames the Hood’s front yard. When the Wreckers started, sand reached to the top of the stone path.

Varsity co-captain Joe Greenwald and varsity keeper Noah Schwaeber work together to fill another wheelbarrow.

3 responses to “Wreckers Help Teammate After Sandy

  1. Well done, men. Proud to be part of such a special program that takes care of its own in times of need. Sending strength to the Hood family and friends.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better!

  3. You guys have done the program, and yourselves proud. There is so much more to soccer than game day and your efforst on behalf of your teammate and friend clearly show that you understand that. Well done.

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