Obituary: Nick Georgis

Nick Georgis — a very popular physics teacher at Staples, and a passionate Staples soccer fan throughout his career and long into retirement — died yesterday. He was 85 years old, and lived in Trumbull.

A native of Fairfield, Mr. Georgis helped start the soccer program while still a student at Roger Ludlowe High School. He graduated in 1944.

After joining the science staff at Staples High School in 1959, and befriending Albie Loeffler — the founder of the Staples soccer program — he became a tremendous Wrecker booster.

Nick Georgis

“I knew Albie was the one to emulate,” Mr. Georgis said later. “He had such respect from the kids. I went to every game I could. At halftime I’d listen to him. It was so enjoyable to watch those kids. They were special.”

In 1980, while watching Staples play at Rippowam High School in Stamford, a hard shot by Chris Strausser caused the wooden goalpost to collapse. Mr. Georgis held the goal up until halftime, when it was braced.

Mr. Georgis was a vibrant presence at Staples soccer’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2008. He continued to attend Staples matches until last year, and remained a Wrecker fan to the end.

8 responses to “Obituary: Nick Georgis

  1. Love the goalpost story. One of the true greats, on the hill or in the classroom. He was a wonderful storyteller and had a youthful enthusiasm and ready smile that made physics labs something to look forward to.

  2. Rick, you said it perfectly when you described his “youthful enthusiasm.” He was simply a great guy.

  3. Great teacher…I remember the physics cards he is holding. Also the ham radio station that was in the 9 building for those of you who can remember that far back

  4. Gerry Kuroghlian

    Thanks Dan. Nick Georgis was a master of physics and a wonder in the classroom. I will never forget his breakdown of a Hostess Twinkie into its component parts. I have never eaten one since. He was the originator of Staples radio and the radio studio. In his final days he was the Greek Prince in the Jewish Home for the Aged.

  5. So many fond memories of my teaching colleague. In the classroom, by the soccer field, during staff moments of celebration, his seemingly endless enthusiasm for life was omnipresent. He came to work regardless of the illness, 955 and 956 his home for an endless array of teaching demonstrations. But the ability to control the alarm system from these rooms led to several fun pranks taking place at Staples. Truly one of the greatest.

  6. Nick Georgis helped me make it through high school. I was not a gifted student and whatever gifts I possessed did not help me in physics. Mr. Georgis was unfailingly patient and understanding and made physics interesting (well as interesting as it could be to a 17 year old HS student.) After a particularly disappointing effort made by me, he called my mother and told her not to worry. She probably still worried but it meant a lot to hear and me that he was paying attention and genuinely cared. He was really a special man.


    Mr. Georgis was the best. I was far from being a good physics student, but I always looked forward to his class, and talking about the games before and after. I do remember that Rippowam game, and I can still picture Mr. Georgis standing there by the goal.

  8. Nick’s influence wasn’t just on the hill (goal post story so typical of him) or in the nine building. He made it all the way over to the four building and I suspect the entire campus. He was a master at listening to and then lifting up the conversation. His energy could be felt and his humanity touched everyone. I dearly miss my friend, my colleague, my mentor. Nick was a joy seeking man.

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