They’ll Do Anything To Play Soccer

The other day, 4 Westport teenagers wanted to play soccer. But snow covered every field.

No problem. The quartet — Staples varsity sophomore Michael Reid, JV sophomore Gabe Pensak, freshman Kenji Goto and honorary Wrecker/current Red Bull player Kyle Zajec — took shovels to Wakeman, and spent a couple of hours shoveling.

Then they played.

With that kind of attitude, the future of American soccer is very, very strong.



...and after.

…and after.


3 responses to “They’ll Do Anything To Play Soccer

  1. Gotta love it. I would love it even more if the system could be changed so that a player such as Kyle could play for his high school team and the Red Bulls academy squad. I think it would be a more enriching experience for him.

  2. Fred – agree with you 100%

  3. If kids and teens would make that kind of effort just for them to train and play their favorite sport, it might create a ripple effect which in turn would have other kids and teens join in their fun and enthusiasm in the sport. I just hope that the fire in their spirit won’t die out.

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