Mike Carey ’01 Announces Engagement

Mike Carey ’01 is the most recent member of the 2000 FCIAC champion/state semifinalist team to propose marriage.

After a stellar career at Union College, Mike is working as a senior paralegal at Pepper Hamilton, a Philadelphia-based defense law firm.

His fiancee, Lapde So, is a mental health therapist in Philadelphia. She is a drug and alcohol abuse counselor at Rehab After Work for the young adult patient population. She also works as a general therapist at The Women’s Therapy Center.

Before Lapde went back to earn a graduate degree at Penn, she worked as a paralegal at Pepper Hamilton. The couple met there.

Mike proposed in a mountainous rain forest, on a recent trip to Central America. A date for the wedding has not yet been set.

Congratulations, Mike and Lapde!

Mike Carey and Lapde So.

Mike Carey and Lapde So.

One response to “Mike Carey ’01 Announces Engagement

  1. Congrats Mike!

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