Fred Cantor ’71 Gives It All To Seattle Sounders

Fred Cantor ’71 was a member of 2 Staples state championship teams. He played soccer at Yale; earned a law degree; was a player agent (and worked with Johan Cruyff), and even produced a play and documentary film on the Remains, the Westport band that toured with the Beatles.

Fred Cantor

Fred Cantor

As proved by his book, The Autumn of Their Lives, he’s never lost his passion for Staples soccer. Soon the Wreckers will benefit from his latest project: a song on iTunes that he hopes will become the Seattle Sounders’ theme song. (Think Liverpool and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”)

“We’re Givin’ It All We’ve Got” was recorded by Staples junior Amanda Horowitz (currently starring in Staples Players’ production of “A Chorus Line.”

Fred wrote the lyrics. The music was written by guitarist Charlie Karp — a Staples classmate of Fred’s (and Staples head coach Dan Woog), who at the age of 16 left school to record “Them Changes” with the legendary Buddy Miles. Charlie toured internationally with them (and was an opening act for Jimi Hendrix.)

(Photo by Kerry Long)

(Photo by Kerry Long)

Fred’s song is designed, in part, to be a sports anthem to be played at stadiums and arenas. He incorporated the Sounders scarf into the cover art because he admires the MLS team’s accomplishments, in terms of building fan support and a strong club environment.

Fred sees parallels between the Sounders approach to team-building, and Staples.

And there’s more: He, Amanda and Charlie are generously donating 15% of all royalties to activities at Staples — including the Top of the Hill Team and the Albie Loeffler Scholarship Fund.

(Click here for the direct link to iTunes. Click here for an in-depth story on this project, on Christina Hennessy’s “Culture Cache” blog.)

One response to “Fred Cantor ’71 Gives It All To Seattle Sounders

  1. Peter Dickstein

    Go Fred! -Peter Dickstein, Class of ’73 (arguably the best side in Staples soccer history…haha).

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