Jack Scott Leads Flag Football Team To Octathlon Victory

Jack Scott captained his team to victory in flag football — the March Octathlon event, held this morning at Wakeman B.

Jack’s squad included Matt Bateman, Daniel Boyce, Ryan Ruggiano and Steven Sobel. All picked up 10 points for the win, and 1 for participating. Jack added 5 more points for scoring the most touchdowns.

Finishing 2nd (7 points for the win, 1 for participating) were Sebo Hood, Bobby Jacowleff, George Kokkalis James Rubin, and Yousef Shahin (event organizer).

Boyce lengthens his overall Octathlon lead, with 38 points. Hood remains 2nd (30).

Following behind are Jacowleff (26); Scott (24); Sterling Price (19); Sobel (18); Kokkalis and Andrew Puchala (15); Diego Alanis (14); Bateman, Foster Goldberg and Ruggiano (11); Rubin and Shahin (9); Charlie Leonard (6); Nate Argosh and Noah Schwaeber (6); Patrick Beusse, Robby Giannone, Jordan McNair, Gabe Pensak, Michael Reid and Connor Weiler (1).

The April Octathlon is capture the flag, organized by Weiler.

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