Foster Goldberg, Charlie Leonard Clean Up In Octathlon Hoops

Despite 90-degree heat, and having only 2 players in a 3-v-3 basketball tournament, Foster Goldberg and Charlie Leonard were the big winners in today’s Octathlon of Champions event.

They won their final round-robin game at Compo Beach to advance into the finals, then captured the championship. That vaults Foster into the overall Octo lead, with 40 points. Trailing close behind are Daniel Boyce (38 points) and Jack Scott (35). Complete standings are below.

George Kokallis organized this month’s Octo, which drew 10 juniors and 1 freshman.

Next up: Jack Scott’s 5K, set for June 22 in Fairfield. It’s part of the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp fundraiser. There are plenty of opportunities to gain points, based on the amount of money raised.

Point totals after 5 Octathlons: Foster Goldberg (40 points); Daniel Boyce (38); Jack Scott (35); Sterling Price (32); Sebo Hood (31); George Kokallis (29); Diego Alanis (28); Bobby Jacowleff (26); Matt Bateman (24); Noah Schwaeber, Yousef Shahin and Steven Sobel (23); Charlie Leonard (19); Andrew Puchala and Ryan Ruggiano (16); James Rubin (14); Ethan Kobak (13); Robby Giannone and Gabe Pensak (12); Connor Weiler (8); Nate Argosh (6); Patrick Beusse, Jordan McNair and Michael Reid (1).

Steve Sobel underneath the hoop, defended by Noah Schwaeber.

Steve Sobel underneath the hoop, defended by Noah Schwaeber.


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